How to make a pallet lounge bench and draught table

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Pallets give your garden a completely new look in no time for little money. With a pallet lounge bench on castors, your garden looks robust and sturdy. And the accompanying pallet draught table is a source of hours of pleasure.
  1. Step 1: Pallets are untreated and contain a lot of splinters. It’s therefore a good idea to sand all pallets to make them smooth and splinter-free.
  2. Step 2 (bench and table): Stack two pallets upside down one on top of the other for the bench seat and two pallets for the table. Fix the pallets together with screws to prevent them from slipping. Secure the 4x50 mm screws with a cordless drill next to the nine blocks.
  3. Step 3 (bank): Saw off the intermediate slats under the back plank. This creates an indentation where the backrest goes.
  4. Step 4 (bank): The last loose pallet functions as a backrest for the bench. Saw off the back row of blocks and the upper two planks (using a hammer and chisel as needed). Note: Leave the vertical planks intact. Saw them to 16.5 cm long.
  5. Step 5 (bank): Slide the backrest into the seat indentation, so it rests at an angle. Use 5x70 mm screws to secure the backrest firmly.
  6. Step 6 (table): Saw the slats to the right length, so they fill up the upper cracks of the pallet table and secure them with nails and/or wood glue. This gets rid of all the cracks on the topside of the table.
  7. Step 7 (table): Use a sander to smooth down the topside of the pallet table.
  8. Step 8 (table): Apply a layer of white paint. You can paint the whole table or just the topside.
  9. Step tip

    You can also apply a layer of paint, lacquer or stain to the lounge bench depending on your taste.
  10. Step 9 (table): Using the ruler, draw a draught board onto the topside of the table in pencil. Then paint over the lines with a brush. As you’ve already applied a layer of white paint, you only need to paint the black squares (8x8 cm).
  11. Step 10 (bench and table): Screw four swivelling castors into the outermost four blocks on the underside of the bench and table. Use 6x50 mm screws to do this.
  12. Step tip

    Decorate your pallet bench with cushions. This adds to the comfort of the bench and it looks great.
  13. Step 11 (table): Use the jigsaw to cut 24x 2 cm discs from the tree trunk. Paint half in white and half in black.
  14. Step 12 (table): Place the draughts on the board. Enjoy!


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How to make a pallet lounge bench and draught table

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