How to hang a mirror

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As well as in the bathroom and toilet, you can also hang mirrors at other places in your home – for example in the hall, living room or bedroom. Check that a mirror is a good fit for the room and matches the decor. A mirror can make a room look bigger.

Attention points
Before drilling holes in the wall, first make sure there are no water or gas pipes or electric cables at the place where you intend to drill. Special electronic detectors are available to find the positions of any hidden pipes or cables. 

  1. General guide

    Hang the center of the mirror at eye level. On average this is 1.65 m. Or slightly lower if you have some smaller people in your family. Make sure the mirror is large enough to extend over the top of your head so that taller people can also use it.

  2. A mirror in the bathroom

    A mirror is an essential accessory in the bathroom or toilet. The mirror should be big enough, at the right height, and ideally it should also be illuminated. If possible the light fitting should illuminate the whole area of the mirror.

  3. Heated mirrors (optional)

    If you take a shower and you can’t see anything in the mirror afterwards, you can consider using mirror heating. This is fitted behind the mirror and prevents condensation.

  4. Check everything once again before you start drilling

    If you have to drill into tiles in the bathroom or toilet, mark off the position of the hole on a strip of masking tape. This will help to prevent the drill from slipping away. Use a spirit level or follow the gap between the tiles. Check that the position of the second hole is horizontally aligned with the first. Drill slowly without using the impact function. Make sure the hole is deep enough so the plug is fully recessed in the wall, behind the tile. This prevents the tile from cracking when you tighten the screw. Try to fit all items as far as possible in line, as this gives the most regular appearance.

  5. Choose the right wall plug

    For a brick or concrete wall use universal 6 mm wall plugs, with a drill bit of the same diameter. For heavier mirrors it’s advisable to use an 8 mm drill and matching plugs. Or for very heavy mirrors (over 20 kg) it’s best to use metal anchor bolts.

  6. Step tip

    See also the article ‘How to use wall plugs’.

  7. Mounting the mirror

    Light bathroom mirrors can simply be mounted with mirror clips, decorative holders or an aluminium profile. Don’t use silicone sealant – this can be acidic, and can attack the mirror coating.

  8. Step tip

    With the right lighting you can choose to accentuate the mirror or illuminate it subtly. You’ll need to have a wall power outlet near the mirror.


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How to hang a mirror

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